From the Middle, Through the Beginning, Towards the End

by Nargis

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In his second album Nargis brings a rounder, natural outgrowth of Mazy Bloom. After the mess there's a foothold from where to look back and wherefrom to aim to.


released February 22, 2017

Everything composed, arranged and recorded by Nargis in his good old bedroom.

Cover art: Diving Swallow, abalone and mother of pearl inlay onto ebony by Nargis.
Photo by Edu Cesar.



all rights reserved


Nargis London, UK

A one man baroque pop, freak folk enterprise.

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Track Name: North
Calling angel from a northern cloud
Eden drawn
Guide lives piping your enchanted fife
Cries by your forlorn cross
Glossed on with lamps
Light of yore
Glinting all the glances
Of our ancient gore
Foolish intimate yards round these Mount of stormy past
Of joy, omen and glory

Grave north cloud
Pay heed to my calling
Remember my falling at your gates in past time
Budding spring
Dies at last that vanishing fear
Now 's your image outright and clear
I’ll front the world
Track Name: Lay Down the Dust
He was born in the middle of an outlook so special
Christ knew our hearts would seek
The star at it's rise, a promisse to keep
Grace oh glorious moment He came in joyous jollity
Let there be light and we're supposed to never retreat

‘Till this solstice time could only be longing
Then by your side all movement stired
Therefore the covenant was
Through these blurred wanderings lies the course to your spring
Words are muddy, for God’s sake, speak through things

Lay down the dust or light will never show

Easy come easy…get the weigh off my frown
Lights get dimmer, words let down
Quiet now, the Verb will spark
Kiss me in my forehead and we will waltz in the dark
Lay down the dust before the earth lay you down
Track Name: Sunny Beam
Sunny beam, sunny beam
Falling through the window pane of an eastern wall
On a sad saturday
Washing every space between lovers hands

Will my sunny beam come true
Faint and over callous people
Shed its hue
Faint and over callous afternoon

Follow the sun
I'll get along

Sunny yawn, sunny yawn
Smoking through the shades fighting with the sun
I'm stucked, time's warped
Flash out over lives that could have been but are not
Track Name: On the Verge
'Tis no fun
Which kind of lover am I?
If I don't owe the love to my own, my own heart

I want that world
But it's too much to ask
If I don't hold your hand to my chest
Can't withdraw from this lie

There will be the time
When you'll see my eyes
They, on the verge of your light
Given on the spur of the night
Releasing your sorrows from deep inside
Track Name: Booming Winds
I, I want the earth to embrace our toes
The booming winds nights of cold
I won't leave you far behind
I will hug you, warm soul
It's your morning

To and fro people go
Tracks of despair and pain
Why should we wake up all those trains
We're in the right direction
And you're guideing

Cold without you
Warm when i'm about to
Remember that you're never far away
Inner stars where we all shall stay

Cold is never
Our love is a fever
Our blaring strings
They will ever go hand in hand
Inner stars
Where we bunch our band

Will you ever leave my hand?
Where should we go if not that far
Your chest hardly fits your heart
And our love blend is being poured out
While you're yawning
Track Name: Quiet Voice
Quite a dance that roams
A splint sat on the void
Continuous sound
Sailing on the saline plain
Fighting winds
We'll try to reach mother
Be granted we make it home
In spite of what we have done

Collecting pebbles by the stream
Will hypnotize my sisters
Deafened, a voice to hear

I will bring you close to me
Even if I need to fight myself
Beginning of new trials
Track Name: Doppelgänger
Nevermind, there goes your fetch in sight
Make it go
Away with it

Blundering as the wind, tolled bell
Wondering where’s the sill, the door's still
Closed to every trace of your presence

Change your heart
Tear it apart
Make it flow
Inwards is the order of content

Give a knock upon essence door
Give a knock upon your heart
Track Name: West Wanna Die
Buy wisdom lies
You have to patch the whole west demise
By the most stammering voice ever let between your gates

We’ve got engaged, alas turned into two
Transept we glimpse the lone truth
Nave we ascend despite the funnels and valves of men

Cry, it’s your freedom you lost within your faith
We’ve got enraged by the guilt of the preachers
Eastern sages engulfed us as teachers

Would things had bloomed?
Your hypocrite miserable face
We lost it all
Under the dome of the world sect we veer
Congrats, we’re ensnared in the kingdom of fear

Bend and repent
The will to live comes from the fountain you resent
Sly! not the seer that soul and heart you freely lent
Track Name: Debra
Debrah, drain your eyes
Life holds you now
From tears you may arise
Uphold our love
The space, take in your stride
I'll thrust us together

Debrah, wipe my eyes
I hold for long
And tears won't subside
Behold my heart
The space It is confined
Put me back together

May every mile be short
Every seashore be port
To back our longing
Your hair is long enough
I see it in the wind as I sail
This boundless sea
Hear my wish
Release me a moment from matter that abounds
Carry me to be with you
Track Name: The Backbone of the Night
Gotta keep up
Need to foster resistance
You're not gonna change it all
Only try not to make it worse

That is written
Inlayed to your bones
You’re not paramount to existence
But an act of love

Do you see the way?
The line
The curve
The spine
The points
From the middle
Through the beggining
Towards the end

The backbone of the night
Tied to the prime mover
The constant supreme

To give the consent to time
Feed through my life as moment
Behold the crossroads eternal